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Archive: January 2015

Beating Cancer and Training Through Injury for the Olympic Trials: Our Interview With Athlete Adriane Wilson

I began competing in sports at an early age with softball and golf, but I found my passion for training and throwing at Ashland University in Ohio. I earned seven NCAA Div. II National titles, and six Runner Up honors in the shot put, discus, hammer and 20lb. indoor weight throw. I’m proud to still…
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Are you doing what you love best?

How long has it been since you’ve truly enjoyed exercising? What is the sport you loved to play as a child? Do you remember how good it feels to do what you love, without soreness or stiffness? We learn to play naturally, to do sports and even to compete while our bodies are young and…
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Powering Change: Play Again 2015

Play Again is a brand with meaning for so many people at every fitness level. Play Again powers endurance for triathletes and distance runners, powers recovery for weightlifters, strongman competitors and bodybuilders, powers pain management for people who want to continue to play with their children and grandchildren. Play Again powers dreams, goals, competition, and…
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“My Experience with a New Knee!” – By Vince Rua

My left knee received a total knee replacement January 7, 2014, compliments of Jared Roberts and his team at Capital Region Orthopedics.  My post-op rehab has been overseen by Mark Garcia of Kingston Plaza Physical Therapy and Dr. David Ness, Sports Medicine and Chiropractor in New Paltz, NY.  Mark provided exercise guidance for 8 weeks…
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