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Archive: May 2015

Jesse Branham: HA and the Whole Body Connection

At 43, retired two-time National Power Lifting Champion Jesse Branham was facing a shoulder replacement. His doctor advised him that he was too young to have the replacement procedure – because the lifespan of the replacement is 20 years at best. Instead, Jesse had a shoulder resurfacing procedure, so that he could rebuild and retain…
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Vinnie Rua: Elite Senior Basketball after Knee Replacement

On January 7, 2014, Elite Senior Basketball player Vinnie Rua, 61, underwent knee replacement surgery. He severed his ACL completely and tore much of his medial meniscus in 1975, playing hoops in college.  At that time his surgeon removed most of his medial meniscus and did not repair the ACL.  Still, Vinnie continued to run…
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Jeff Barnes: 39, Strongman, and Spartan Racing like a Beast!

How often do you work out? I lift four days a week. My normal week: Lift four days, run two days and one rest day. I do squats, strongman log, overhead pressing, bench press, deadlifting, rack pulls, bench press (variants), and bent over rows. Because I do obstacle racing, I do some cardio on my…
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Aaron Fondry, Strongman: “Supplements just don’t work”

Aaron Fondry, 29, is the owner of Atlas Training Systems in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont. His strongman titles include Maine’s Strongest Man, New Hampshire’s Strongest Man, Vermont’s Strongest Man, and White Mountain’s Strongest Man. Aaron will compete nationally and internationally at both the NAS nationals and the u90 World Championships in Norway this year. He holds…
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