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Archive: October 2015

Do you trust your supplement brand?

There is a lot of research about the Millennials – defined as people who are 18 to 33, born between 1981 and 1996. What jumps out at us is how differently they feel about brands – especially dietary supplements. Here’s the story the numbers tell. There are eighty million Millennials in America alone and they…
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Do You Know Enough About Your Workout Supplement?

Over the past 30 years, sports supplements have grown in popularity and sales, and not just for a small number of serious athletes. People who are interested in fitness, bodybuilding, heavy lifting and recovery often choose supplements that can claim to enhance muscle growth, boost energy or improve stamina. The weight-loss supplement category is equally…
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Victoria Hastings: Training Through the Pain

At 25, Victoria Hastings is a 95-pound whirlwind of determination and dedication to personal fitness and competition. Her fierce passion keeps her going night and day, working two jobs and training at Atlas Training Systems in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. How often do you work out? I train six times a week. For three of those days…
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