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Archive: January 2016

Riding Backward: Shawn VanGassen, Masters Competitive Cyclist

When you’re on the cusp of never being able to race again, a lot of things change. I’ve been on my bike since 1987 – so I just took for granted I would always have that ability. The course of my life was altered In February 2015 – the beginning of the season here in…
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Hyaluronic acid: How the “Recovery Revolution” Works

Hyaluronic acid (HA) – the high-molecular-weight, naturally-occurring gel that saturates every tissue in your body – is the key to recovery after muscle, tendon, ligament, tendon and connective overuse or trauma. Oral HA was long thought to be ineffective – many scientists believed that the molecule was too large to be absorbed by the body…
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Hyaluronic acid (HA): History and Ultimate Whole Body Recovery

 If you think hyaluronic acid (HA) is just a joint supplement, you are missing the recovery boat. Sure – there are a lot of joint supplement pills out there with HA powder. And yes, HA has been in the joint supplement aisle both online and in stores for a long time. But oral, liquid high-molecular-weight…
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#1 Fitness Trend 2016: Why Recovery Matters So Much

“Increasingly, doctors are diagnosing overuse injuries – stress fractures, bone separations and strained tendons – in young athletes. The injuries have become common enough for researchers to be studying their occurrence, and they suspect more happen than get reported. Sports and medical experts don’t see the trend reversing anytime soon.” “Too much, too soon: Doctors say young athletes are…
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