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Archive: May 2016

MSM: The Other Half of Our One-Two Punch

The Play Again Now team invested a lot of time – and has commissioned independent research – to prove the safety and efficacy of one of our two key ingredients: Oral, liquid hyaluronic acid. Our second active ingredient, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) has an equally impressive and longtime positive clinical track record. In the November 2008 edition of…
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Julie Golob: Competing in Shooting Sports with Athleticism for Life

Julie Golob has been competing in shooting sports for 25 years. Recruited right out of high school as a promising junior competitor, Julie went to the Army as Military Police and completed Basic Training and MP School at Fort McClellan, AL. She has been dominant in action shooting sports ever since, winning women’s titles in seven different shooting…
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Matt Vincent: Training Discipline and a Passion for Life

Multiple Highland Games champion Matt Vincent was described by muscleandfitness.com as a “kilt-wearing badass.” We caught up with this athlete where he spends a lot of his time – in his car traveling for work. I’ve played sports since I was a kid. In high school I played football, competed in track & field and got…
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