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Archive: June 2016

Starting Strongman Marriage: Jamie and Brett Christenson

I can feel the heat from the sun beating down on my shoulders as I stand on the black pavement. There are lots of people, making lots of noise. I can hear the MC calling my name. I’m up. It’s my turn to prove to myself that all the training, the sweat, blood and tears were worth…
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Lynn Morehouse and Train Strongman: Loving the Strongman Community

“Lynn is a motivating coach that I’ve seen first-hand take the fear and intimidation out of Strongman. The Strongman community he has created in North Carolina would be something that any growing sport would want, even on a national level.” Jonathan Armada, Co-owner, Morrisville Community CrossFit At 36, Lynn Morehouse is an impressive athlete. In…
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Independent Field Test: Fitness for Outdoor Adventures!

“It wasn’t until the pain was gone that I realized how much it had been affecting my life. Since I started taking Play Again Now, I can get out of bed without having to steel myself against the pain. I can pick up my 4-year-old son and not have to take ibuprofen afterwards. And, yes….
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