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Archive: July 2016

71 at 71: Tom Hilliker is Beating the Odds

Most golfers never come close to shooting their age – a feat that requires a combination of skill and longevity. At 67, the legendary Sam Snead actually managed to achieve it in his last season in 1979. The average golf score for men is 96, according to the National Golf Foundation. Even for those who…
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Powerlifter Michael Pluto: Hitting Goals with Challenges Onboard

Originally from a small town in Northern Maine, 30-year-old amateur powerlifter Mike Pluto just wants to compete with everyone else on a level playing field. Cerebral Palsy can make that ambition difficult – but as Mike sees it, it’s not impossible. In his own words – I ran two seasons of track in high school,…
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Marshall Zinn: Strongman Warrior on a Mission to Serve

At 32, Strongman Marshall Zinn lives at an intensity level that few of us could possibly match. Born in Clarksburg, West Virginia, Marshall played football and wrestled in high school, and then joined the service – and became an Army Drill Sergeant.  He got into bodybuilding during his service, and was transferred to Arizona, where…
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