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Archive: August 2016

Larry Perna: MMA Fighter, Kickboxer and Strongman Talks Recovery

Westchester Fight Club Certified Personal Trainer and EMT Larry Perna is 31, and an intense competitor. Described as “an intellectual meathead,” Larry holds a national powerlifting title, he’s a mixed martial artist, national champion Muay Thai kickboxer, Strongman, and coach. Here’s his compelling story in his own words. I got my start wrestling at Fordham…
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The Sleep Crisis and Recovery: Safe, Effective, Clinically-Proven Help is Here

Does exhaustion slow down your workout recovery? Is shoulder, back, knee or muscle pain ruining your sleep? Are you concerned about the side effects of OTC and prescription sleep medications? You are not alone – and there is a safe and effective option for better sleep and faster recovery. Sleep deprivation can slow and impede…
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Obstacle Course Racer Ben Pina: Pain and Recovery at 27

27-year-old Marine veteran Ben Pina trains two plus hours a day – sometimes more – for obstacle course racing. His full-time job is physically demanding – involving climbing ladders all day – and his body takes a beating. He’s focused, disciplined, and passionate – here’s his story in his own words. I have always been…
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