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Archive: September 2016

Lisa Murray: Living Fit and Fear Free at 51!

We caught up with Lisa Murray this week – at 51, she is a fit, active professional with a challenging job, grandchildren she loves, horses to ride, and a gritty determination that keeps her young. Here’s her story in her own words. I live in Lexington, Kentucky – but I spent most of my life…
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Ryan Christian and Ryno Moto: Feeling the Need for Speed

Ryan Christian, 28, lives to race motorcycles. He races hard and we managed to catch up with him between events. We’ll let him tell it. I got racing in my blood at age 6 and have been racing ever since. 2016 is my sixth year racing motorcycles. I wrestled in high school – and lettered for…
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Strongwoman Brittany Diamond: At 24, Natural Pain Management is Key

When training and life get tough, giving up is the easy option. In the midst of your failure, you must dig deep and find your passion, the invincible passion that will carry you through. “Strong(wo)man Life,” Brittany Diamond Brittany Diamond began as a track & field athlete in the 400 meters and long jump at…
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Clinical Research: Play Again Now and Pain Management

The statistics are frightening. Opioids killed 28,000 people in 2014 – one person every 18 minutes. According to the CDC, 2.6 million Americans are addicted to opioids – and many of these people switch to heroin, which is easier and cheaper to obtain. Heroin overdoses have become a full-blown crisis in some parts of the U.S.,…
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Britteny Cornelius: Strongest Woman in the World at 23

We caught up with Britteny Cornelius soon after she won the title of Strongest Woman in the World in Jacksonville. Her huge achievement at the age of 23 is the story of an athlete with awesome natural gifts, and a passion for training and competing. Here is her story in her own words. When I…
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