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Archive: October 2016

PBR Champion Mike Lee: Bull Riding Fit, Flexible, Focused and Fear-Free

“Mike Lee is probably the most dedicated of the bull riders. I think that, hands down, Mike’s the most focused on what he’s doing, the most dedicated at his sport. He’s the guy of this generation that’s going to be at the top of the game for years to come.” – Cody Custer, retired world champion…
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Living the Life You Love: A Fit Mom Talks Play Again Now

Our Recovery Now interviews usually feature elite athletes who depend on Play Again Now for recovery and pain management as they train and compete. This time, we interviewed a hardworking, fit Mom whose busy life has no room for stiffness, aches and pains. Here’s the story of Leteia Schwander. I was never the kid who…
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2016 World’s Strongest Woman Donna Moore: The Strongwoman Life

At 36, Donna Moore won the World’s Strongest Woman title in England in September 2016, with a victory in a highly-competitive field that included the legendary Kristin Rhodes. She went on to become the Britain’s Strongest Woman in 2014 and 2015, competed and won at the Arnold in 2016, and became the Atlas Stone World…
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Debbie Ecksten and Jiltsjke: After six years – back in the show ring again

Debbie Ecksten, founder of Play Again Now, put her passion for showing horses on hold for the last six years. Partly because of the investment in time needed to market this product – but also because of an injury falling off a horse a couple of years ago. I guess you could say I had…
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Hunting Season is Here: Why Be Stiff and Sore?

You love hunting. And if you want to hunt every season for life, you need to be in much better shape than you think. By making a training plan, pushing your body now and in the off season, you will be able to build the endurance to enjoy hunting more. You don’t have to be Superman,…
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Jake Whitney: BMX Competitor Gets the Injury Message Early

BMX competitor Jake Whitney has the strong support of his family, and has already traveled the USA and ridden in more contests than even a seasoned BMX veteran. Jake was sidelined in an accident and underwent surgery at the age of 15. How has this affected his present and his future? Here’s his story in…
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