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Archive: November 2016

Jesse Branham and Jeremy Wade: Training for the Special Olympics

Jeremy Wade, 33, is a Special Olympics competitor in swimming, skiing and powerlifting. The owner of Junkyard Training, Education and Recovery Center, Jesse Branham, met Jeremy at a Special Olympics training center, and began working with Jeremy to train for USPA Powerlifting events. Together, as friends and training partners, they’ve built a relationship based on…
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Strategic Injury Prevention: Strongman Champ Terry Rady

Strategy is everything in Strongman; knowing when and where you can exert minimal energy to save it for more important events is key. Exerting minimal energy on such a big stage was key to maintaining good energy levels throughout the entire contest. Terry Rady, “Strategy and Strongman,” http://startingstrongman.com/2016/11/15/strategy-and-strongman/ At 26, Terry Rady is the current…
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The #teamplayagain PBR World Finals Experience

Play Again Now was a first-time sponsor at the PBR World Finals last week and we were blown away by the fans, the athletes, the bulls, the event, and the incredible reception and support we received from the PBR leadership. Three of our sponsored athletes came along with us: Pro Strongwoman Jamie Popp Christenson, her…
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