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Arwen Saxon: Practicing Pilates and Play Again Now

Television commercial producer and director Arwen Saxon, 45, is a fit, active STOTT Pilates practitioner, and we just talked with her about her fitness regime and experience with Play Again Now. Here is her story.

I have been active my whole life. But I really started getting into Pilates about five years ago. Originally, I worked with a personal trainer in a gym, but once we moved away from that gym, I needed to find a different source. That’s when I found a STOTT Pilates studio near my home. What makes STOTT Pilates different that it is biomechanically designed to protect the body from injury, and specifically designed to help rehabilitate.

I experienced a gymnastics injury in middle school in a physical education class without adequate supervision – some of us were full of ourselves and overconfident. I landed on my head during a back handspring – and my whole spine was basically compressed.

Without adequate medical care, I developed unbalanced shoulder posture and constant pain in my neck. Of course, the body does tend to compensate in different ways for pain and misalignment – my body was in pain and out of balance. I worked through some of these injuries doing a variety of exercises over the years.

When I found Pilates, something just clicked. I thought, “this is right, this is for me.” STOTT Pilates has helped me control the movements I enjoy so much. It is also very adjustable to the individual, and continues to provide the right level of challenge for me as I grow stronger and want to expand my goals.

In addition to my childhood gymnastics injury, I was in two school bus accidents where I suffered whiplash involvement. As a result, before I was introduced to Play Again Now, I was living on ibuprofen. I actually had stomach damage from NSAID overuse, and needed treatment. My physician switched me to naproxen – because without some kind of pain relief, I could not enjoy the kind of exercise I loved.

Late in 2014, I was introduced to Play Again Now by Kevin Harrington and Debbie Ecksten. As soon as I heard the words “synovial fluid” in those conversations, I was convinced to try it. Having trained as a Pilates instructor, I understand the biomechanics of exercise, and the lubrication qualities of hyaluronic acid. It made sense to me to try it, and the information totally clicked. I was fascinated to find out more – and couldn’t wait to try it.

I ordered a case immediately and I’ve been taking it for at about three months. I love Play Again Now, and I am really blown away by the results. I don’t ever want to feel limited in what I challenge myself to do. Play Again Now lived up to every single claim on the packaging. For me, it’s kind of like a miracle in a bottle. I seldom reach for pain relievers now.

When I do a Pilates workshop, I often have Pilates sessions four days in a row. We have a mix of all ages in our workshops, and I often hear, “I’m so sore! You don’t look sore.” I always answer, “That’s because I’m not sore!” And when they ask why, the answer is always the same: Play Again Now.

If you don’t try it, you will never understand the benefits. Because no one I know is injury free. That’s why everyone I know can benefit from Play Again Now.

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