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Dru Roosevelt at 63: Baby Boomers, Chronic Pain & Hyaluronic Acid

Dru Roosevelt

“Baby Boomers are at the stage of life when it’s common to develop long-term pain. That puts them at greater risk for dependence, depression, addiction and possible overdose from prescription opioids.”
“As with Prince, baby boomers’ chronic pain means risk of opioid abuse.”

Living with chronic pain is a way of life for many people. Living a full and active life can feel impossible. We caught up with Dru Roosevelt – a retired nurse in Colorado. Here is her story in her own words.

I am 63 years old and have spinal degenerative disc disease with ruptured discs and stenosis. My struggle with degenerative disease began when I was 41. At first, my left arm went numb. Right after my first cervical disc surgery, I fell on a ski slope, and had to have two more cervical surgeries, including a laminectomy. In total, I had three cervical and three lumbar surgeries.

It’s awful to be a prisoner of chronic pain when you love mobility as much as I do. I experience lots of inflammation and edema – not only because of the spinal disease, but from the vicious cycle of surgeries. Depression has been a constant presence, and I have even overdosed on pain medication. Now, I have decided to stop the cycle, and manage my pain without surgical intervention.

From the time I was a kid, I have always been active – played competitive tennis, loved downhill and water skiing. But most importantly, I love horseback riding. In fact, I still own two horses, and haven’t been able to ride for years. The pain is excruciating and disheartening.

Mobility is a well-documented coping mechanism for chronic pain – and I just lost hope. That changed when my niece sent me two bottles of Play Again Now. She could see me struggling with mobility – and some of her acquaintances with back issues were seeing real relief with Play Again Now.

Being a retired medical/surgical nurse, I was very skeptical. So, I did my research. I read the clinical data, and was impressed. To my surprise, I saw an improvement in just five days. I am so enthusiastic – and have been taking Play Again Now ever since. Right now, I am no longer able to participate in sports – but am enjoying the increased mobility and feeling more hopeful due to the increased functionality that I attribute to this amazing formula.

Just as a side note, I traveled to see my sister – and left my Play Again Now at home. I went without it for three days, and the pain returned! I got right on Amazon.com and ordered some more. And I’m making plans. I want to go to a personal trainer and get started on an exercise program. My sister has arthritis and I have a friend with severe knee problems – I want to get them started on Play Again Now. Because I am sold.

Walking a mile, going to the gym – these things seem possible after a long, dark time. But maybe the best thing of all is that I can see myself getting back on my horse and riding around the ranch with my loving family and friends. We horse people are very determined – and I can see the very real possibility of being on horseback again. I have my hope back. Thank you, Play Again Now.

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