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Mike Lee: Defeating Pain and Riding to The Top

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PBR Champion Bull Rider Mike Lee is having a monumental year – and we’re just two weeks into PBR 2017. This is Mike’s 16th year competing in the top level of bull riding – the prestigious PBR Build Ford Tough Series – which is a record. He has rededicated himself to physical training and clean nutrition – and the effects on the everyday pain he faces are remarkable.

Mike trains his mind and body religiously to handle the stress, strain, pain and pressures of a championship pro athlete in a dangerous sport. Daily workouts including weightlifting, cardio and yoga condition him for dominating the rankest bulls. Mike has added Play Again Now to speed his recovery and fight pain. We caught up with him for a few moments in his hectic schedule – and here’s what he had to say.

I always knew that I need to train to compete – but I’ve started working out even more. Pain is a hard thing to deal with – and I understand pain very well. Pain can mess with you if you don’t have faith in God. When you are hurting, you just want to get in bed and stop – but the best way to conquer pain is to keep moving.


When I compete I get sore – but since I stepped up my workouts, I started feeling better. I just did some yoga after working out for three hours. I sweat a lot – and get the toxins out of my system. If I stay on my vitamins and keep taking Play Again Now, soreness stops being a problem. With the help of Play Again Now to keep moving, I keep motivated and have a higher energy level. Play Again Now also improves my sleep – and I don’t wake up like I used to with those sharp, shooting pains in my knees.

This year, my Dad is going to the gym and working out with me. He can’t do all the workouts with me, but he’s getting up to speed – doing things like squats on the ball – and he’s walking better. Dad was a cutting and reining horse trainer for years – horses would flip over and buck, and he would get hurt a lot. Just recently he got hung in a stirrup, broke two bones in his leg and injured his hip. They said he would never walk again. But now that he’s training right beside me and taking Play Again Now, he’s on his feet and getting better every day. Some days he still gets sore, but we just keep at it and we both feel stronger.

Everything has changed for me this year. I made a decision and a choice: In 2017, I am putting everything on the line to be the best. I can get there if I keep doing everything to reach my goal. I am eating right, training hard and competing harder. With God’s help, I will be in contention for it all!

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  1. Good luck babe u can do this Cowboy Up sweetie

    Comment by Bonnie on January 24, 2017 at 7:01 pm
  2. Yes sir Cowboy God is God and Great! He should be first with all of us. I don’t always do that but I know it’s the ONLY way. Keep up the motivation and awesome riding. God be with you each ride and throughout the season. A big hello from my family and I and the Navajo Nation!

    Comment by Isaac Toledo on January 26, 2017 at 5:57 pm