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Rich DeStefani: A Young Strongman Prepares With Play Again Now

Rich DeStefani Photo 3-26-15

Rich DeStefani is a 26-year-old strongman, actively training and competing in pursuit of his Pro Strongman Card. Here is our interview with Rich, and his approach to fitness and recovery.

How often do you work out? I work out a minimum of 4 or 5 days a week. My workout constantly changes based on how far I am out from competition. Typically, I include two squat days, an overhead pressing day and a bench day. The last workout each week would be deadlift day. My current workout has a day dedicated to each event from my upcoming competition.

How long have you been training? I’ve been training on and off for about 12 years now. I started training in high school and played football in college. After that, I decided to compete in a strongman competition. About six years ago I got into Strongman training – and got really serious in the past three years.

What do you enjoy most about Strongman training? I love seeing all of the improvements in my form and seeing how far I’ve come. Just recently, I went back a couple of years and looked at my pictures and videos, including competitions from a year and half ago. It’s amazing how far I’ve come. I see improvement in proper form and a huge improvement in strength. Over the past two years, I started working with a couple of really good coaches. All of the little things I have been doing wrong have been brought to light – and the improvements are really clear.

How did you become aware of Play Again Now? Throughout my career, I always experienced pain and stiffness, and practically lived on ibuprofen. I had never heard of Play Again Now until last July at the Granite State Championships. I looked into Play Again Now at the competition and started taking it.

What did you experience with Play Again Now? At 26, I was aching and walking slower than 60 year olds I’ve seen at work. I felt an immediate difference within days of starting to take Play Again Now. My right shoulder and left knee had less discomfort within the first week. I was not in so much pain all of the time. It’s an amazing feeling. I have been taking it now since July 2014. I love it. I don’t want to go a day without it.

Is Play Again Now affecting your overall fitness? I wouldn’t be able to consistently keep training the way I do without it. Any time I would have a competition, I was in awful shape the day after. Now, the next day, I’m up and about. Play Again Now helps my recovery by helping me be ready to return to the gym. Before I started using Play Again Now, after competing, I took a week off to recover. Now, two days later, I’m back in the gym starting a new program.

Bottom line: Play Again Now has been crucial in all of my training to help me reach my goals. My goal last year was to go to Nationals and get in the first 10. I got 11th place which was shy of my goal – but I was in the top 50%. This year my goal is to hit the top three and get my pro card. I would not survive the workouts my coach is giving me to reach those goals without Play Again Now.

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