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Sheri Smith: A Revolution (not a Resolution) in Fitness Goals


One thing we all know: New Year’s resolutions never work. Sheri Smith, 43, was born in Hayward, Wisconsin in the North Woods. In high school she played basketball, volleyball, skied and ran track. At home she hunted, fished, and trapped – for food and survival. Sheri is a dynamo on a mission – and for 2017 she has trained her powerful energy on a long-term weight-loss goal. This is her story.

I grew up tough, and I go non-stop. When the first Gulf War began, I joined the Navy because I wanted to fight on the front lines to defend my country. The Navy didn’t see it that way – and I was assigned as a linguist. I met my husband Shae in the Navy there – we were best friends instantly, fell in love, and got married 3-1/2 months later. We’ve been married now for 25 years.

My husband is a disabled veteran, and suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia – a painful nerve disease which caused him constant pain. After living in Missouri for 12 years, and standing in a campground under a sky full of stars, Shae and I decided to take our children and live a life of complete freedom.

We took a year, and sold or gave away most of what we owned – heading out on the open road.  With a desire to make a difference in our nation, and for the sake of military families, veterans and first responders, we made volunteering and helping others our lifestyle.  We left on the “Adventure of a Lifetime” in October 2008. Two weeks after selling our home I found out I was pregnant.  Full time travel in a camper and pregnancy proved to be challenging but not impossible.


Sheri and Her Family

My family is very active, and we home school all six of them. Our family was constantly hiking, kayaking, and four wheeling. And all the while, we all spent many hours and weeks volunteering at churches and campgrounds across the country. Eventually, my husband had brain surgery, and although he still has sporadic pain – Shae is in the healing process that comes from good medicine and following our dreams.


Warriors and Rodeo

Through a generous invitation to camp on his ranch, Mike Lee became my best friend, and I became his agent. With my marketing and sales background, it was a great partnership – at one point, I had many more clients – and now I am the President and CEO of Warriors and Rodeo. We help rodeo and PBR bull riders who are also military, police, EMS, and firefighters with services that include suicide prevention. Our family helps support these brave people – Purpose Heart and Bronze Star recipients among them – who have served and to let them know every day that they are not forgotten.

With these wonderful, hard demands on my time – I managed to stay in shape until two years ago. Now, I’ve made a bet with Mike Lee to reach 155 pounds – an ideal weight for me – by June of 2017. My family is very supportive, but I am now determined to eat the low-carb foods that are best for my heath, stop purchasing food that isn’t good for me, and find the time to incorporate exercise into my day. I can do this by multi-tasking, but I know I need to take care of myself to take good care of others: a real life revolution in my habits.


Sheri in the Chute

I am starting to use Play Again Now – Mike Lee loves it, and he doesn’t use anything he doesn’t believe in. He works out every day, and has lost so much weight that I had to order him new shirts! With the help of Play Again Now, I want to win this bet. I know it will take real work, every day – but if I don’t make it, the bet is that I have to ride a real bull! I would much rather have the steak dinner that Mike will be grilling for me at his ranch with the Brazilian bull riders the first week in June!
So many of the people we work with and help call me “Mom” – and I love that. I want to keep living a life of purpose, adventure and joy. With the help of my family, God and all of the people I love, I will make my weight goal every single day – until I’m eating steak on the Mike Lee ranch.

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