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Tags: Brittany Diamond

Strongwoman: Strength, Pro Competition and the Future of a Growing Sport

As they clashed against one another, the 10 competitors in the Arnold Sports Festival’s first-ever Pro Strongwoman contest also took pride in challenging the misconception that women’s sports aren’t interesting, or that women and extreme strength don’t mix. “Arnold’s Strongwoman contest proves powerful women can pack a crowd,” Alissa Widman Neese, The Columbus Dispatch, March…
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Strongwoman Brittany Diamond: At 24, Natural Pain Management is Key

When training and life get tough, giving up is the easy option. In the midst of your failure, you must dig deep and find your passion, the invincible passion that will carry you through. “Strong(wo)man Life,” Brittany Diamond Brittany Diamond began as a track & field athlete in the 400 meters and long jump at…
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