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Tags: CrossFit

Lisa Marquette: CrossFit Games Competitor and So Much More!

Lisa Marquette is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Health & Sport Sciences at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland. She is also Co-Owner and Coach at Iron Strong CrossFit, and just qualified for the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games in August 2017. How does she do it? Here’s her story in her…
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Kye Ackel and David Yarter: American Ninja Warrior Season 9!

American Ninja Warrior, NBC’s extreme obstacle course competition, has set its host cities for the 2017 season. We’ll have our eye on San Antonio this March, home to two #teamplayagain athletes who made the cut to compete. Veteran competitor David Yarter is back again and newcomer Kye Ackel, 23, is appearing for the first time. Kye…
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Lizz Sadowski: Pushing Her Body to the Limit, Beating Pain

When things start to get tough, are you going to fight through the pain and finish? Or are you, like so many people stuck in neutral at the gym and in their everyday lives, going to be satisfied with merely finding the edge of that pain before backing off? “Push Through the Pain to Build Muscle”…
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Alyssa Mealey Stookey: Competitive CrossFit and Recovery

Pain provides valuable information about your body and how it is performing. It is important to understand what kind of pain should be listened to and what type is helpful or safe to work through. Negative acute pain is an intense and specific pain that occurs suddenly, often a result of injury. You are not advised to…
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Living the Life You Love: A Fit Mom Talks Play Again Now

Our Recovery Now interviews usually feature elite athletes who depend on Play Again Now for recovery and pain management as they train and compete. This time, we interviewed a hardworking, fit Mom whose busy life has no room for stiffness, aches and pains. Here’s the story of Leteia Schwander. I was never the kid who…
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Lynn Morehouse and Train Strongman: Loving the Strongman Community

“Lynn is a motivating coach that I’ve seen first-hand take the fear and intimidation out of Strongman. The Strongman community he has created in North Carolina would be something that any growing sport would want, even on a national level.” Jonathan Armada, Co-owner, Morrisville Community CrossFit At 36, Lynn Morehouse is an impressive athlete. In…
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Julie Golob: Competing in Shooting Sports with Athleticism for Life

Julie Golob has been competing in shooting sports for 25 years. Recruited right out of high school as a promising junior competitor, Julie went to the Army as Military Police and completed Basic Training and MP School at Fort McClellan, AL. She has been dominant in action shooting sports ever since, winning women’s titles in seven different shooting…
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