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Tags: injury prevention

Strategic Injury Prevention: Strongman Champ Terry Rady

Strategy is everything in Strongman; knowing when and where you can exert minimal energy to save it for more important events is key. Exerting minimal energy on such a big stage was key to maintaining good energy levels throughout the entire contest. Terry Rady, “Strategy and Strongman,” http://startingstrongman.com/2016/11/15/strategy-and-strongman/ At 26, Terry Rady is the current…
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Ready to Go Off-Road? Healthy Mountain Biking 101

Mountain biking is one of America’s top five fitness activities, according to Natural Products Insider magazine. No wonder – combining cycling and gorgeous natural views is a sure winner. If you’re considering the jump from pavement to dirt, take care of the details for a healthy ride over bumpy terrain. One of the top health…
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