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How Will You Recover from Injury and Overuse This Summer Season?

Summer is all about the outdoors, and all the gym time that goes toward looking good in a bathing suit or shorts. We’re pushing harder with weights and cardio, adventuring outdoors more, and injuring ourselves on hiking trails, water skiing, running a first-time obstacle race or playing pickup basketball. So, how do we prepare for…
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Mike Lee: Defeating Pain and Riding to The Top

PBR Champion Bull Rider Mike Lee is having a monumental year – and we’re just two weeks into PBR 2017. This is Mike’s 16th year competing in the top level of bull riding – the prestigious PBR Build Ford Tough Series – which is a record. He has rededicated himself to physical training and clean…
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The #teamplayagain PBR World Finals Experience

Play Again Now was a first-time sponsor at the PBR World Finals last week and we were blown away by the fans, the athletes, the bulls, the event, and the incredible reception and support we received from the PBR leadership. Three of our sponsored athletes came along with us: Pro Strongwoman Jamie Popp Christenson, her…
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Starting Strongman Marriage: Jamie and Brett Christenson

I can feel the heat from the sun beating down on my shoulders as I stand on the black pavement. There are lots of people, making lots of noise. I can hear the MC calling my name. I’m up. It’s my turn to prove to myself that all the training, the sweat, blood and tears were worth…
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Pilates, BioCored and Paula Lord: Restoring Body, Mind and Spirit

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. The Pilates Method develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.” – Joseph H. Pilates Creator of the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning BioCored is suspension training equipment with buoyancy, utilizing adjustable bungees to…
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Adam Banton at 40: Over 25 Years Riding BMX

Adam Banton’s Wild Ride How did you get involved with BMX? I got my first real BMX bike when I was 13. Over 25 years ago. I’ve been through all the different phases and industry trends, technology, injuries – the evolution of the sport. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with everything BMX for…
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