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Tags: Mike Lee

Mike Lee: Defeating Pain and Riding to The Top

PBR Champion Bull Rider Mike Lee is having a monumental year – and we’re just two weeks into PBR 2017. This is Mike’s 16th year competing in the top level of bull riding – the prestigious PBR Build Ford Tough Series – which is a record. He has rededicated himself to physical training and clean…
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Sheri Smith: A Revolution (not a Resolution) in Fitness Goals

One thing we all know: New Year’s resolutions never work. Sheri Smith, 43, was born in Hayward, Wisconsin in the North Woods. In high school she played basketball, volleyball, skied and ran track. At home she hunted, fished, and trapped – for food and survival. Sheri is a dynamo on a mission – and for…
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The #teamplayagain PBR World Finals Experience

Play Again Now was a first-time sponsor at the PBR World Finals last week and we were blown away by the fans, the athletes, the bulls, the event, and the incredible reception and support we received from the PBR leadership. Three of our sponsored athletes came along with us: Pro Strongwoman Jamie Popp Christenson, her…
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PBR Champion Mike Lee: Bull Riding Fit, Flexible, Focused and Fear-Free

“Mike Lee is probably the most dedicated of the bull riders. I think that, hands down, Mike’s the most focused on what he’s doing, the most dedicated at his sport. He’s the guy of this generation that’s going to be at the top of the game for years to come.” – Cody Custer, retired world champion…
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