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Fight Workout Pain: Replenish Your Lost Hyaluronic Acid

Every New Year’s resolution is the same. You make fitness goals in January. You go to the gym and start a new exercise program. And then, the pain starts. Your muscles ache, your joints flare up. Your workouts get harder, and it’s so easy to stay in bed and hit the snooze alarm. Or to…
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MSM: The Other Half of Our One-Two Punch

The Play Again Now team invested a lot of time – and has commissioned independent research – to prove the safety and efficacy of one of our two key ingredients: Oral, liquid hyaluronic acid. Our second active ingredient, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) has an equally impressive and longtime positive clinical track record. In the November 2008 edition of…
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Riding Backward: Shawn VanGassen, Masters Competitive Cyclist

When you’re on the cusp of never being able to race again, a lot of things change. I’ve been on my bike since 1987 – so I just took for granted I would always have that ability. The course of my life was altered In February 2015 – the beginning of the season here in…
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What is MSM?

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organic, bioavailable form of sulfur, appearing in all living organisms, and was first identified by modern research in 1940. Since then, MSM became one of the most-studied of all natural compounds – thousands of research papers have been published documenting its therapeutic properties. Following calcium and phosphorus, organic MSM is the…
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