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Tags: powerlifting

Jessie Olson: Powerlifter and Air Force Pilot Seeking Recovery

Air Force Major and tanker pilot Jessie Olson is a force to be reckoned with. Whether deployed, traveling or those rare moments at home, stationed at Travis Air Force base in Vacaville, California, Jessie manages to train and compete as a powerlifter. We were honored to catch up with her in the middle of her…
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Jesse Branham and Jeremy Wade: Training for the Special Olympics

Jeremy Wade, 33, is a Special Olympics competitor in swimming, skiing and powerlifting. The owner of Junkyard Training, Education and Recovery Center, Jesse Branham, met Jeremy at a Special Olympics training center, and began working with Jeremy to train for USPA Powerlifting events. Together, as friends and training partners, they’ve built a relationship based on…
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Britteny Cornelius: Strongest Woman in the World at 23

We caught up with Britteny Cornelius soon after she won the title of Strongest Woman in the World in Jacksonville. Her huge achievement at the age of 23 is the story of an athlete with awesome natural gifts, and a passion for training and competing. Here is her story in her own words. When I…
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Powerlifter Michael Pluto: Hitting Goals with Challenges Onboard

Originally from a small town in Northern Maine, 30-year-old amateur powerlifter Mike Pluto just wants to compete with everyone else on a level playing field. Cerebral Palsy can make that ambition difficult – but as Mike sees it, it’s not impossible. In his own words – I ran two seasons of track in high school,…
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Interview with Behzad “Bear” Bakhshandeh: Young Athletes Need Play Again Now

My name is Behzad – but everybody calls me Bear. I am 24 years old, and I train and compete in powerlifting and strongman. For strength sports, I have been training for four years – working out six days a week and combining strength training, conditioning and cardio. My goal is to become a pro-level…
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