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Tags: strongman

Training and Recovery After 40: Strongman Scott Kendall

We caught up with Masters Strongman Scott Kendall, 44, after his second-place finish at the 2016 Alabama Strongest Man competition. This former high school baseball player found his Strongman passion after 40 – and like so many of us, is competing not only against himself but against the march of time. Here’s his story. When…
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Strategic Injury Prevention: Strongman Champ Terry Rady

Strategy is everything in Strongman; knowing when and where you can exert minimal energy to save it for more important events is key. Exerting minimal energy on such a big stage was key to maintaining good energy levels throughout the entire contest. Terry Rady, “Strategy and Strongman,” http://startingstrongman.com/2016/11/15/strategy-and-strongman/ At 26, Terry Rady is the current…
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Britteny Cornelius: Strongest Woman in the World at 23

We caught up with Britteny Cornelius soon after she won the title of Strongest Woman in the World in Jacksonville. Her huge achievement at the age of 23 is the story of an athlete with awesome natural gifts, and a passion for training and competing. Here is her story in her own words. When I…
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Larry Perna: MMA Fighter, Kickboxer and Strongman Talks Recovery

Westchester Fight Club Certified Personal Trainer and EMT Larry Perna is 31, and an intense competitor. Described as “an intellectual meathead,” Larry holds a national powerlifting title, he’s a mixed martial artist, national champion Muay Thai kickboxer, Strongman, and coach. Here’s his compelling story in his own words. I got my start wrestling at Fordham…
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Powerlifter Michael Pluto: Hitting Goals with Challenges Onboard

Originally from a small town in Northern Maine, 30-year-old amateur powerlifter Mike Pluto just wants to compete with everyone else on a level playing field. Cerebral Palsy can make that ambition difficult – but as Mike sees it, it’s not impossible. In his own words – I ran two seasons of track in high school,…
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Marshall Zinn: Strongman Warrior on a Mission to Serve

At 32, Strongman Marshall Zinn lives at an intensity level that few of us could possibly match. Born in Clarksburg, West Virginia, Marshall played football and wrestled in high school, and then joined the service – and became an Army Drill Sergeant.  He got into bodybuilding during his service, and was transferred to Arizona, where…
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Starting Strongman Marriage: Jamie and Brett Christenson

I can feel the heat from the sun beating down on my shoulders as I stand on the black pavement. There are lots of people, making lots of noise. I can hear the MC calling my name. I’m up. It’s my turn to prove to myself that all the training, the sweat, blood and tears were worth…
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Lynn Morehouse and Train Strongman: Loving the Strongman Community

“Lynn is a motivating coach that I’ve seen first-hand take the fear and intimidation out of Strongman. The Strongman community he has created in North Carolina would be something that any growing sport would want, even on a national level.” Jonathan Armada, Co-owner, Morrisville Community CrossFit At 36, Lynn Morehouse is an impressive athlete. In…
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Deanna Gibson: A 49-year-old grandmother living the dream

I recently had the opportunity to interview Deanna – who shared with me her life-changing experience becoming a strength athlete at age 49. This is her story – in her own words. I am living the Strongman dream. But just three years ago, I weighed 250 pounds. I was in such bad shape I could…
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Ken Nowicki: Training for Strength and Explosive Speed

Ken Nowicki, 27, was born in Scotland and started training in Strongman in 2006. At 17, Ken was the youngest to lift the famous Dinnie Stones and also lifted the Inver Stones. He was crowned Scotland’s Strongest Man three times, and placed 2nd in The UK Strongest Man competition in 2011. Ken is one of…
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