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Tags: total knee replacement

Chris Cybulski: Facing Knee Replacement at 35

At nearly 35, middle school Principal Chris Cybulski has spent a lifetime loving, coaching and playing sports. Like so many active people, he had no intention of slowing down or stopping – until his knees gave out. Here is Chris’ story. I’ve been playing soccer for 20 years. After high school, I played Division 1…
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Vinnie Rua: Elite Senior Basketball after Knee Replacement

On January 7, 2014, Elite Senior Basketball player Vinnie Rua, 61, underwent knee replacement surgery. He severed his ACL completely and tore much of his medial meniscus in 1975, playing hoops in college.  At that time his surgeon removed most of his medial meniscus and did not repair the ACL.  Still, Vinnie continued to run…
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