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    • From a burn victim. Just wanted to report back about Play Again Now. I am really starting to see rapid results in my skin and other areas. This stuff is amazing! I'm going to reach out to some people in the burn community and start spreading the word! Thank you so much for introducing me to it. TOTAL GAME CHANGER!
    • Ethan
    • Colorado
    • I’ve worked out for 30 years lifting weights five days a week and playing basketball at least three days a week. My knees were beginning to slow me down on the court. Having had two meniscus repair surgeries on my left knee I realized I could have to stop playing basketball.
    • I saw something on social media about Play Again Now, and ordered a bottle. After using it for less than a week I couldn’t believe the dramatic difference I was feeling. I thought to myself, “Wait a minute – this just can’t be real.”
    • I take Play Again Now every day. I’m really feeling the difference in my knees and my shoulder too. If I don’t feel good during recovery, my workouts reach a point of diminishing returns. I feel almost no discomfort between workouts. I’m living proof of that “Recovery You Can Feel” statement.
    • Claude McKnight, Grammy Winner
    • Take 6
    • During my military service, I completed multiple combat deployments, scored maximum scores on 40 physical fitness tests and finished dozens of marathons. Now, 20 months out from micro-fracture surgery, I have never felt better.
    • It’s spooky that I can train this way. When I served, I incurred multiple shoulder and back injuries. I accepted that all I would be able to do was run. Now, the range of motion in my shoulders has increased and overall pain has subsided so much that weight training is back in my regimen. I do 40+ pull-ups and bench nearly 300 pounds. I’m also back to running 50 miles a week. With Play Again Now, I’m back to a lifestyle I love, considering an Iron Man triathlon, and can’t believe the gains I’m making.
    • Joe Martin
    • Sergeant Major, USMC (Retired)
    • Play Again Now keeps us all feelin' great. Before using PAN, my son Ryan would always be sore the night after a race. Those days are gone. I started using PAN right after I had knee surgery. My doctor says I healed up as fast as a 25 year old, and I feel great ! So glad I discovered this product. I know PAN helped us win 7 Regional Championships in all. Thank you! But we're not stopping here. To be continued...
    • Ron Christian, 56
    • Ryno Moto Motorcycle Road Racing Team
    • Play Again Now has had an effect on my athletic performance. I'm able to do more, lift more. My recovery time is much shorter. Play Again Now has truly changed my life.
    • Casie Braden, 34
    • Full-time Mom, Fitness Fanatic
    • I am 24 years old. I train and compete in powerlifting and strongman. I have been training for four years – working out six days a week and combining strength training, conditioning and cardio. My goal is to become a pro-level strongman.
    • Play Again Now has increased my ability to perform at the level I want, and improved my day-to-day tendon and joint tightness. Tendon and joint tightness stop strongmen from reaching their goals.
    • Just ten days after taking Play Again Now, I was back to overhead pressing a couple of days a week. Obviously, I’m seeing great results because I am experiencing recovery. When my friends ask me about my recovery – I always say the answer is Play Again Now.
    • Behzad “Bear” Bakhshandeh
    • Strongman Competitor and Student Athlete
    • I have severe joint problems from training all my life. Play Again Now has made me a lot better. I can walk better and stand more erect. It helps me recover every day.
    • Willie Williams, 65
    • Retired Railroad Worker
      Senior Softball Player
    • I started taking Play Again Now nearly 2 years ago due to significant concern that I was losing the ability to perform my job. I am a Physical Therapist and I use my hands all day long. Through overuse, my fingers were so stiff in the morning that I had to use two hands to hold and shake my shaving can. By day 11 of taking Play Again Now, I was able to hold and shake that shaving can using ONE hand without discomfort. I was also felt ready to be active with my hands into the evening for playing with the kids, golfing, or other sporting activities. I am very grateful for Play Again Now and have encouraged many patients of mine to use it.
    • Philip Beaverson
    • Physial Therapist & Director of Physical Therapy, American Health Network
    • Neither my surgeon nor my physical therapist had ever seen a knee replacement reduce in swelling so quickly. The only variable was that I was taking Play Again Now. I iced my knee, I stretched – like all the athletic knee replacement patients do. I was able to get on a bike 6 days after knee replacement – typically recovering patents can’t bend their knees enough.
    • I continue to take Play Again Now. It is helping me recover by continually helping reduce inflammation in all my joints as I work out. I’m sure that my other joints would be aching a little bit if I wasn’t taking it. I really don’t wake up stiff. I don’t need an hour or two to loosen up as people my age tend to need.
    • Vince Rua
    • NY Legends, Colonie Senior Basketball League
      Gold Medalists in 2012 Massachusetts’ Senior Olympic Games’ 50-55 Age Group
      Gold Medalists in Delaware Senior Games’ 55-59 Age Group
    • I broke my leg above the ankle in two places when I slipped on the ice and jammed my leg. I needed orthopedic surgery – and now have a six-inch plate and five screws in my leg. I started taking Play Again Now to help in my recovery – and started feeling results in just 10 days. Play Again Now works great for any joint pain! It has been phenomenal in my broken leg recovery.
    • Dave Dreitch
    • Years of sports as a youth wore away at my left knee. I had knee surgery and it helped, but the pain and strain was back not long after. At age 34, my doctor told me I have bone-to-bone friction requiring me to have a SECOND surgery in 18 months – partial replacement and lifetime impact restrictions.
    • My first surgical recovery took me 3.5 months. I took Play Again Now post-surgery THIS time after being on the operating table just ONE month ago. I am already back on my bike and walking the golf course with NO pain (just in time for Augusta)! You do the math people!
    • Lane Lyday
    • Play Again Now has allowed me to get back into mountain biking again. Great product from a great company!
    • Todd R.
    • As a 56-year-old, 215-pound half-marathoner, I’ve been experiencing left medial knee pain that often limits the frequency and duration of my running. I had been using glucosamine/chondroitin supplements twice daily faithfully for over 10 years without significant benefit. After stopping glucosamine/chondroitin and starting Play Again Now, I noticed improvement within 4 weeks. I discontinued it for one week while on vacation and noticed a return of knee pain. Once daily dosing provided fair relief of pain, but twice daily dosing appears to be better for me. I look forward to the emerging research on humans using this product.
    • Jay F.
    • This stuff is GREAT!! I have been using Play Again Now since my doctor suggested that using it may postpone surgery. After about 18 months I have been able to exercise, play golf, climb and enjoy activity with no thought to needing anything further.
    • Gene W.
    • I have had knee surgery multiple times and Play Again Now has helped me to the point that I could stop taking daily pain medications. I was skeptical when my surgeon first recommended it, but I finally decided about a year later to give it a try and have been using it for several months now. It makes a very noticeable difference.
    • Jim B.
    • Had shoulder surgery six weeks ago and again last Monday. My orthopedic surgeon suggested that I try Play Again Now. I took him up on his recommendation. It’s too early to tell if it helps my shoulders, as they are still healing. However, I experienced almost immediate relief in a bunion joint that had been bothering me for years! I plan to continue use indefinitely.
    • Steve K.
    • My husband is a carpenter and he has been trying it now for 3 weeks. His knees are doing better and hips are starting to feel better too!
    • Sherry K.
    • I really like this product. It really helps my knee, and when I run out, I really notice the difference. Thanks
    • Kathleen S.
    • I have been using Play Again Now for the past 2 months and so far it has worked just as well as the injections that I used to take every 6 months. Super happy.
    • Cheryl J.
    • Play Again Now helps me keep up with my active boys! I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been off prescription treatment since November. I started Play Again Now in October. It works for me!
    • Mandy A.
    • This spring I had orthoscopic surgery on me knee and it was discovered that the inflammation was caused by arthritis. Fluid was drawn off the knee before and after surgery. About half way through physical therapy, the doctor prescribed Play Again Now. I started taking it and after a couple of weeks the knee began to be less painful. In the months that followed, I have been able to resume normal activity, especially with two active grandchildren. Thanks to the fine folks at Play Again Now, my life is much easier.
    • Joe E.
    • I have been on Play Again Now for a couple months and I feel so much better. I have arthritis pretty much everywhere and have been getting knee injections, and I had foot pain and neck pain. I now run pain-free and don’t even remember my neck pain. It has helped me so much!!!!
    • Mimi T.
    • I have been on Play Again Now for a couple months and I feel so much better. I have arthritis pretty much everywhere and have been getting knee injections, and I had foot pain and neck pain. I now run pain-free and don’t even remember my neck pain. It has helped me so much!!!!
    • Mimi T.
    • Finally, something that works. My left knee and both shoulders are problematic joint flex and pain spots, and Play Again Now has me back playing racquetball tournaments! Consequently I have kept my racquet sponsorship, and enjoy life and the sport I love!
    • Jim Bozek
    • Nationally Ranked Racquetball Competitor
    • I tore my ACL twice in high school, and I would get a burn in my knee when I ran obstacles. That burn in my knee is not evident – ever – since I started taking Play Again Now. I train six days a week – as often as I can. Since I’ve been doing obstacles and competing on American Ninja Warrior, my shoulders usually get looser – I could dislocate them – it’s a very intense upper-body workout. With Play Again Now, my shoulders feel stronger. Play Again Now helps me compete on American Ninja Warrior 2016.
    • David Yarter, Age 24
    • Finalist, American Ninja Warrior 2016
      Owner and Trainer, Power Park Fitness
    • My goal is to stay mobile and strong, so my daily workout training includes yoga, pull-ups and regular cardio. That’s what keeps me strong and in the chutes. After taking Play Again Now, I am not quite as sore after bull riding events, feel like I’m riding better, and growing more flexible every day. When I’m more mobile, I compete stronger. Play Again Now can help riders and bullfighters - we won’t hurt ourselves as easily and can stay flexible deeper into our careers. Even got my Dad on it now!
    • Mike Lee, 33, Professional Bull Rider
    • PBR World Finals Champion
    • 20 years ago a doctor sat down and told me that I should quit competitive swimming – I would never swim again. With Play Again, I felt the call from the pool – and it all came back. I am competing at the Masters level again, and when I swim, I don’t feel like I’m 46 – I feel like a kid again! If you’re missing out on the things you really love, try Play Again Now. I’ve never had a recovery product or anything have the effect that this has had on me personally. You can keep playing with Play Again Now.
    • Anthony Sullivan, Age 36
    • OxyClean TV Spokesman, Commercial Producer
      Member, Direct Response TV Hall of Fame
    • In action shooting it’s all about speed, power and accuracy. Twitch reflexes, explosive movements, finesse when moving in and out of positions, and accurate shooting on the move are all critical skills. Play Again Now made an impact for me. What I noticed most is that during intense physical training, my muscles don’t feel as sore. My joints don’t feel as creaky or stiff, and I feel faster and stronger. If Play Again Now can make you feel better, less sore and recover faster, then that’s a good thing!
    • Julie Golob, Age 39
    • Army Veteran & US Army Female Athlete of the Year
      Over 50 National, International and World titles in 7 Different Disciplines
      7-Time Ladies World Speed Shooting Champion
    • Strongmen hurt all of the time. My shoulder, my wrists, my knees were hurting. It’s normal. Your body will hurt with 1200 or 1300 pounds on your back – just part of the job. I felt relief from the beginning when I took Play Again Now. It is healing my joints – not just masking the pain. I train more, recover faster – I get stronger. You’re not in pain, you can train. I don’t take any other supplements. I compete all over the world, and I’m not even close to my limits in the sport.
    • Dimitar Savatinov, Age 35
    • International Pro Strongman Competitor
      America’s Strongest Man 2014 & 2015, Circus Dumbbell World Recordholder 308 pounds
    • After 45 orthopedic surgeries and a lifetime of BMX competition, I took Play Again Now and that was it. I just turned 43 years old and I feel like I’m a kid again. I work out every day with little or no pain. I can move, work out, compete and play with my kids. I’m preparing to set a new world backflip record this summer on ESPN. You’re not going to ever get anything out of it if you don’t try it. So try Play Again Now! I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.
    • Kevin Robinson, Age 43
    • Pro BMX Bike Rider
      5 Time X-Games Gold Medalist
      World Record Holder
    • I love to compete more than anything, and love to beat guys who are stronger than me. But what really motivates me are my 450 student athletes. They motivate me for my next big challenge. PAN helps me with any kind of post-training issues and recovery. I am relaxed, energized and refreshed. Before every contest, I feel super-flexible, have higher energy levels, and I’m just loose and ready to go. PAN plays a huge role in my success as a Pro Strongman.
    • Adam Lane, 33
    • Pro Strongman Competitor
      ead Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
      Lawrence Central High, Indianapolis, IN
    • Play Again Now is like the Fountain of Youth – I feel 20 years younger. I am working out longer and harder than I have in years, training for Masters Strongman. Taking other recovery products is like buying an insurance policy. You take them because you know you have to. Taking Play Again Now gives you recovery results you can see in under a week. Play Again Now is recovery you can feel – and has an immediate impact on stepping up the intensity of your workout.
    • Chad Coy, Age 46
    • Masters Strongman Competitor Director
      Method Sports Performance
    • I was blown away when I tried Play Again Now in 2014. My performance was outstanding for my first Highlands Game after knee surgery. When I stopped taking it, I felt the familiar aches and pains come back again. I can really feel the difference. Play Again Now is the first product where I have experienced immediate relief. It is part of my everyday routine supporting my heavy lifting, long throwing sessions and recovery methods as I train for the 2016 Olympic Trials.
    • Adriane Wilson, Age 35
    • Olympic Trials Competitor, Shot put, 2004, 2008, 2012
      North American Highland Games Champion 2015
      Scottish Highland Games Champion 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015
    • At the 2015 USS National Championship Strongman competition, my tibia snapped in half under the weight of the 700lb yoke. During rehab, Play Again Now substantially sped my healing process. But I can’t even begin to explain the support I’ve received from everyone at Play Again Now.
    • Since my injury, I’ve been drinking Play Again Now every day. My orthopedic surgeon is amazed by how fast I am healing. In fact, I just took second place at the 2016 USS Nationals. Thank you Play Again Now: you are amazing and continue to be a huge help in my recovery.
    • Aaron Fondry, Age 29
    • Strongest Man Champion Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and White Mountain
      Owner, Atlas Training Systems, Vermont
    • I train three days a week events training, and lift in the gym three days a week. My body gets torn down a lot. Before I was introduced to Play Again Now, I would train a very heavy day like a squat day, and it would take me three or four days to recover. My knees were hurting bad, and my whole body just didn't feel good. After taking Play Again Now, I could definitely start training the next day, and for days after, with little or no pain. It really helped me and it's something that I'll be using for the rest of my life.
    • Derek DeVaughan, Age 38
    • Pro Strongman Competitor
      Personal Trainer, CORE Fitness
    • My Ironman training includes 250 miles per week on the bike, 4 to 6 hours in the pool and 40 miles of running. Play Again Now really gives me an edge with my muscles and muscle fascia. My muscle fascia really started tightening up the harder I trained. Play Again Now makes a huge difference – I don’t take as long to warm up, and I recover faster between races. In fact, athletic training and competition would be improved if people started taking Play Again Now in the beginning of their careers.
    • Chris DeMarchi, Age 45
    • 7-Time National Pro Cycling Champion
      Qualified, Ironman World Championships, Hawaii, 2016
    • Oral, liquid hyaluronic acid, found in Play Again Now, is proving to be a viable alternative for the patients in my practice. I recommend it frequently to augment their treatment. Professional and student athletes alike can benefit from replenishing and maintaining the hyaluronic acid that keeps their joints lubricated and addresses pain and discomfort.
    • Dr. Joseph E. Kutz
    • Kleiner Kutz Handcare Center, Louisville, KY
    • Most people are suffering from a great deal of inflammation. Soreness from exercise can benefit from the regular use of a liquid HA, as it cools down the hot tissues, and the MSM included in Play Again Now further assists with the anti-inflammatory process — it’s a great combo. I like Play Again Now as a valuable option to reduce the inflammatory process, and to assist with the healing process. Pro athlete friends of mine who are now sponsored athletes that don't take any supplements insist on taking their Play Again Now. I cannot keep the product on the shelf. I put Play Again Now up there and it is gone.
    • Dr. Todd A. McDougle
    • IN Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc.
      Indianapolis, IN
    • I would recommend Play Again Now to any patient of any age with any joint surface or surrounding tissue discomfort.
    • Dr. Patrick Kersey
    • Sports Medicine Physician
      Carmel, IN
    • The response has been positive. Perhaps I can do further study here in Boston on patients with arthritis in the spine.
    • Dr. Paul Glazer
    • Spine Surgeon
      Boston, MA
    • A middle-aged lady arrived at my PT office for ankle pain that was keeping her from playing tennis anywhere near her usual consistency. I strongly encouraged her to give Play Again Now a try. In the coming weeks (not months) she not only met her goals, but was able to resume a very robust tennis match schedule. To say she was grateful for Play Again Now’s contribution to her recovery would be an understatement. I routinely recommend Play Again Now to augment physical therapy – and the results are consistently amazing.
    • Philip Beaverson
    • Physical Therapist & Director of Physical Therapy
      American Health Network

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